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Although we often don’t get around to it due to busyness, it’s sometimes good to ask ourselves why we do what we do. And why we like it so much. The outcome of our own reflection was that protecting organizations against cyber criminals by always being one step ahead of them is what really drives us. We translated the feeling of company pride that arose spontaneously into our intention to start blogging.

Not a pure IT matter

As experienced consultants in workplace management and identity access management, the link with our other shared passion, technology, was already there. Although in recent years we have noticed that customers are increasingly paying attention to cyber security, this is generally not being dealt with adequately within organizations. On the one hand, many companies try to simply insure against financial damage caused by data leaks, hacks and other problems. However, this ignores other damage, including reputational, stakeholder and business operational damage. In other organizations, cyber security does receive more attention, but it is usually assigned to the IT department.

Integral approach needed

These departments, however, have their hands more than full with other tasks, especially in the current tight labor market. The extra work in terms of managing user rights, analyzing all kinds of logs and taking risk mitigation measures is generally not welcomed with open arms. Moreover, in many organizations security is approached from a technology point of view. However, without a primary focus and an integrated approach, cyber security is doomed to fail. We therefore decided to take on the mission to increase the level of maturity of organizations in the field of security with both advice and cutting-edge technology.

Balance between necessity and solution

This does not mean that we make customers invest unnecessarily in security measures. A baker, for example, obviously has less business-critical data to protect than an insurer, for example. Our approach is always to find the right balance between necessity and solution. After determining an architecture and roadmap from a holistic view and the subsequent implementation we keep everything under control with our managed security services.

Above all we are very proud of our work, projects and developments in our line of business. We would like to keep you in the loop with a series of blogs that are often serious, but occasionally also thought-provoking or downright funny. So keep a close eye on your mailbox in the months to come…

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