Pro-active security operations

Our security analysts use the latest threat intelligence and MITRE ATT&CK framework to detect threats early, enabling you to take a proactive approach to mitigate potential risks, before they are exploited.


Continuous improvements to increase your security maturity

Our security advisors work in harmony with your IT teams and continuously provide recommendations, advice and improvements needed to maximise your security maturity.


Reduce risk by automated responses

Reduce risks and generate a rapid response to security incidents with our bespoke security incident response plans.


Direct access to an expert team

Your IT teams get direct access to Resilient Security experts, who can support them with everything from day-to-day to complex security challenges.

Key Challenges

The key challenges

The need for digitisation and adoption of cloud technologies for organisations to stay competitive in the 21st century comes with a degree of risk. With greater threat to their security, organisations face a number of key challenges to minimise the risk of a cyber breach.

Your IT teams may have to consider questions such as…

  • How your organisation keeps your security configurations up to date
  • What protocols you have in place to keep your organisation protected against security threats
  • Whether you have an overview of all security risks – cyber and physical – that affect your organisation and, if not, how you can obtain one
  • How to protect your data against things like ransomware attacks or theft
  • What protections you have for your critical systems
  • What procedures you have in place to react to an imminent/current attack, and to recover afterwards

Each of these elements require organisation-wide security maturity that extends beyond the technical expertise of the IT department, but down to each individual within your business.

Our approach


We recommend a bespoke, step-by-step approach that builds resilient security.

EXPLORE the security landscape
IDENTIFY your organization’s security challenges, risks, and priorities
DEFINE and BUILD a modern security landscape in your organization
MAINTAIN a robust, security strategy to keep your organisation operational and resilient against evolving cybersecurity threats

Building your organisation’s resilience to cybersecurity threats with the correct specialist in each phase

No two organisations are the same. Our security and business analysts use the NIST cybersecurity framework of standards, guidelines and best practices to determine the current security maturity of your organisation, understand the challenges you face and create a bespoke roadmap for improvement that is based on our assessments and own developed security reference architecture.

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants have a continuous learning mindset that enables them to develop the knowledge to understand and circumnavigate evolving cyber threats, both in everyday cybersecurity and more complex security projects.


Security is a continuous process

Effective cybersecurity strategy deployment requires constant attention. Having the right people in place to monitor and react is crucial. Our managed security services assist you with the execution of your security roadmap. With our extensive skills and experience, we can help you build resiliency against security threats to your organisation. Meanwhile, our continuous improvement program will keep your organisation ahead of developing risks.

Our services


Monitoring, collecting and triage of security incidents

Day to day monitoring and collecting of security events affecting your cloud and on-premise infrastructure.


Threat Hunting, Investing & Analytics with 24×7 SOAR and XDR

Correlate security incidents and identify security threats with automated actions to protect your assets and mitigate risks.


Critical Security alerting & Incident reporting

Our incident report flow will alert you immediately if a critical threat is detected. Receive a monthly comprehensive report detailing all handled incidents, and our recommendations and improvements.


Vulnerability Management

Reduce risks with continuous vulnerability assessments, risk-based prioritisation and remediation.


External Surface Attack Management

Understand the full extent of your attack surface and maintain all external resources across a multi-cloud or hybrid environment.


Security Awareness

Identify any weaknesses in your team’s knowledge of security awareness and teach your employees how to handle security threats.


Continuous Improvements

Our commitment to continuous improvement will guarantee that your organisation will stay ahead of new security risks and threats.


Advisory Services

Our advisors ensure you always understand your evolving security needs and that your security roadmap remains aligned to meet them.

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