Resilient Identity


Authentication & Access Management

Our unique strategy protects the digital identity of your employees, business partners and customers.
Providing access control to your business applications (either cloud and on-premises) or resources, integrated to provide Single Sign On and strong authentication and identity proofing is in the heart of our business.


Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity lifecycle management is crucial when securing your organization. Implement processes to onboard, change or offboard users will help your organisation to protect your assets and data and help you become compliant to your business regulations.


Identity Governance & Administration

Automate, manage and review access rights and business roles within your application landscape to help your organization effectively address today’s complex business challenges.


Privileged Access Management

Secure the crown jewels of your organization with Privileged Account Management.
Our Privileged Access Management Solutions allow you to secure your infrastructure and applications, run your business efficiently and maintain the confidentiality of your sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

Secure identities as a first line of defense.

Resilient Data


Data Governance

Data is the new gold. Along with identity, data is central in the digitization of an organisation. But where to start? Knowing your data, improve data quality together with optimizing processes are the starting to point to better secure your data. Regulations and compliancy are more and more a driver to implement security. Whether it is GDPR, ISO27k, any other sector-specific regulation or just improve cybersecurity, implementing the right processes and define the correct policies is key to start with.


Data Classification

Knowing your data is key before start implementing security measures. Data classification will identify your different data types, from personal information, high sensitive and business critical data and data containing intellectual property. Automatic or manual classification is the starting point from where you can enforce policies.


Data Loss Prevention

After the right processes are defined and data is classified, a Data Loss Prevention strategy will help prevent data loss, due to malicious threats, human mistakes like accidental sharing or data theft. Reduce risks by protecting data with the right measures aligned on the specifications and content of the data.


Data protection

Apply flexible protection actions on your data based on data types or policies in your DLP strategy, including encryption, access restrictions or visual markings.

Along with identity, data is central in  the digitization of an organization.

Resilient Workplace


Endpoint Governance

Defining the right security measures tailored to your organization, compliancy needs or other requirements, is the start of a good security policy. Our security experts help you determine these policies.


Endpoint security baseline

The security edge of your organization is constantly evolving. Remote workers and their endpoints need to be and stay as secure as they can be, without restricting workforce mobility and agility while stimulating productivity.
We’ll define a secure endpoint baseline and ensure you have the right strategy in place to grant the integrity, confidentiality and compliance with business processes and legislation, so you can confidently work, communicate and collaborate.


Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR will provide monitoring and data collection to detect threats and anomalies. Our Security analysts can prioritize alerts effectively, gain visibility into the full scope of a breach, and take response actions to remediate threats.


Vulnerability Management

Threat and vulnerability management enable organizations to effectively identify, assess, and remediate endpoint weaknesses to reduce organizational risk.

Remote workers and their endpoints need to be and stay as secure as they can be, without restricting workforce mobility and agility while stimulating productivity.